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7 Easy Steps to Winterize Your HVAC System

Winterize Your HVAC System Will Prolong Its Life

You can always give us a call to schedule an appointment to winterize your HVAC system but it’s always good to understand what is involved in the process. As temperatures drop and winter nears, ensuring your heating system is prepared for the coldest of days is a must. The life of your home’s HVAC is dependent on the maintenance and care you give it throughout every season and temperature change.

Here are some tips to prolong your HVAC system and keep you and yours comfortable this winter, both indoors and out:

1. Check your HVAC in the Fall and Spring

Schedule a bi-annual checkup with your HVAC technician to confirm everything is in order before you start to put your machine to the test. Fall and Spring are generally low-use months for your HVAC, so any problems that arise are better settled early. Check for odors, noises, and any potential leaks before inviting over a technician to inspect your HVAC.

2. Get your furnace running before winter 

When temperatures start to drop, fire up your furnace. On the cool days of fall, set your thermostat to your desired temperature, then once it adjusts where you want, turn the air off and the fire on. The best way to ensure your furnace will work well in the winter months is to activate your furnace at least three times before freezing temperatures arrive.

3. Turn down the heat when you can

Whether you have a smart thermostat or are able to plan ahead, turning down the heat when you’re away or non-active can greatly prolong your HVAC’s lifespan. Some HVACs have smart technology which is able to adapt the temperature based on the calculated outdoor temperature and differing indoor factors. However, for those who adjust manually, we suggest setting your thermostat 10 degrees lower before getting under your covers at night. This trick can easily save 10% off your monthly heating bill!

4. Clean and cover your outdoor air conditioner

Before the snow hits the ground, winterize your outdoor AC by removing all leaves, twigs, and more from your unit. Rinse off debris with a garden hose, then after drying fully, flip the electrical circuit switch to turn off the power. To protect your outdoor AC even further, cover your unit in the winter months to prevent moisture buildup.

5. Avoid contrasting climates by creating climate zones

It seems the more stories in your home, the greater the temperature imbalance occurs. Creating climate zones is easy and can help establish a constant temperature throughout your home. Simply close some vents on the second floor, and your HVAC will be forced to move air downstairs. Many HVACs come with a climate zone system installed and will self-regulate according to the temperatures it detects throughout your home.

6. Expecting a cold winter? Add insulation

A quick call to your HVAC technician to replace or add insulation can save you a whole lot of chills and change when the temperature drops. The technician will inspect your attic for deterioration, add what’s needed, and possibly even give recommendations to prevent insulation breakdown.

And the last good rule of thumb….

7. Change your air filter every 90 days

Check your HVAC air filter once a month to prevent your machine from breaking down from an unchanged filter. 90 days is the recommended time to change, so either stock up ahead of time or look into a filter subscription service that can send them to your house on a set schedule, so you can breathe freely and your HVAC can work properly.

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