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About AGES Services Company

AGES Services Company provides air conditioning and heating services with honesty, quality and comfort in mind. We are the local energy management company for all your residential or commercial needs, as well as providing solutions for all your cooling, air conditioning needs.

Emergency HVAC service 24/7

We deliver from start to finish, providing maintenance and efficient upgrades for your air conditioning, heating, and electrical systems. Day or night, you can call us for HVAC or electrical service.

Inspection, Installation & Upgrades

We keep your home up to date by offering inspections and installations, as well as upgrades and replacements.

Experts in Energy Solutions

With our extensive knowledge of the area’s climate, we provide the most efficient HVAC solutions. Our service area includes Dallas-Fort Worth, TX; Colleyville, TX; Grapevine, TX; Southlake, TX; Roanoke, TX; and Keller, TX.

We Provide HVAC & Electrical Services

More About Us

We are a dedicated, highly driven, and capable company that’s been in business for 25 years. We bring our backgrounds from U.S. aircraft carrier mechanical systems, industrial mechanical/electrical systems, commercial ground-up construction, special projects, uninterruptible power supplies systems, and basic 1 1/2 ton residential units to your homes and offices to provide professional solutions. We continually train our crew on new procedures and products, including utilizing all the technological advancements in diagnostic tools to accurately identify and solve your problem quickly and efficiently.

AGES Services Company is a family-owned business that is operated with the highest ethics and believes that the employee is the most critical part of the equation. We are constantly striving to provide an environment that motivates and produces employees that are at the top of their field to provide high-quality service.

See AGES Services Company in Action

When your AC goes out or you have an electrical issue, contact AGES Services Company. Watch our local commercial and discover how we can help you with your AC and electrical needs.

What Sets AGES Services Company Apart

Quality Service 24/7

We are always here to help. Our local licensed HVAC technicians will be there and ready to take on any emergency – day and night.

Innovative & Efficient Technology

Backed by the best equipment, brands, and units, our technicians deliver installations, repairs, and upgrades to your property. These are long-lasting, appealing, and perfect for our environment.

Energy & Money Saving Sustainable Solutions

As experts in finding efficient and sustainable solutions to any energy service, whether it is AC or heating, we can cut down energy costs and swiftly repair or upgrade any energy problem you may have.

Whether Commercial or Residential: We Handle All AC and Heating Services

AC & Heating

Our licensed HVAC technicians are experts in the Texas and Oklahoma climate. They provide year-round AC & Heating installation, upgrade, and maintenance for your property. Outdated HVAC units are being phased out nationally, which will result in ever-growing repair costs and inefficiency due to new regulations. Because of this, the cost of waiting may be detrimental.

By installing new, efficient, and environmentally friendly units, your property will save both energy and money. We work with the best equipment in the business and provide unrivaled warranties. 

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