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When To Upgrade Your HVAC System

How to Know If The Time Is Right For HVAC Installation

Many homeowners see HVAC installation as a step they will take as a last resort. HVAC installation tends to be pricier than HVAC repairs, but only if you’re thinking about it today. When you consider tomorrow, as well as the coming months and years, the bigger picture may have you rethinking your HVAC strategy. Take a look below at some questions you may want to ask yourself when you think about HVAC installation.

How old is your current system?

New systems may have more capabilities and special features, but the most important thing to think about if you have a system older than 10 to 15 years is that this system simply won’t perform as efficiently as a new one. Pumping more money into repairs may not be wise, in the long run. 

Have you noticed skyrocketing utility bills?

High energy bills are a sure sign that your HVAC system is working harder than it should. While routine maintenance or tune-ups can help with this, ultimately some systems are beyond repairs. At AGES Services Company, we never recommend services we don’t think you need. Call us for an honest assessment of your system.

Is your home staying at an even temperature?

HVAC systems should do more than simply heat or cool your home. Fully functional systems should keep all of your rooms at an equal temperature throughout the day. If your system fails to do this, a replacement may be needed.

What is your budget?

HVAC installation may be too pricey now, but thinking ahead will actually help you save money. Ask us for a quote on a new HVAC installation system and then save up. That way, you can upgrade when it’s right for you. As long as your current system works enough to tide you over, you can wait until the right moment for HVAC installation.

Whether you have an HVAC emergency or you want to plan out your replacement, AGES Services Company has you covered. We offer affordable, professional HVAC installation throughout Texas, including Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and including Colleyville, TX; Grapevine, TX; Keller, TX; Roanoke, TX; and Southlake, TX. Call, chat, or contact us today to get started!