What is the level of humidity acceptable inside?

What level of humidity is acceptable inside my house?

Heating and cooling our homes is always on the top of our minds with the passing seasons. With summer around the corner, another factor that should be considered is the humidity level; something that can be just as crucial as the temperature when it comes to living comfortably. So, what is the level of humidity […]

Make sure your AC system is up to date today

Make sure your AC system is up to date

With the summer months closely upon us, it is now time to make sure that your AC system is up to date and ready for the scorching Texas summers. Here at AGES we are here to provide you with simple steps that you can take to keep your AC system running smoothly all year long. […]

Different types of Air Conditioning filters for home

What are the different types of Air Conditioning filters for your home?

Air filters play an important role in keeping the air in your home clean and free of dust and allergens. Depending on your needs there are different types of air filters you can purchase that will best fit your lifestyle indoors. It is important to do your research on the type of air filters you […]

Why Should You Have an Air Quality Test?


There has been quite a bit of attention placed on outdoor air quality of late. Even when you go to a weather app on your phone, there is an indicator as to what the air quality is for your specific area. When we look at AQI (Air Quality Index), the range is from 0 – […]

Why is your A/C unit leaking water?

AC unit leaking water

Why is your A/C unit leaking water? The first thing you should do when you notice that your A/C unit is leaking, is to shut off your system. This will prevent any further damage to your home. There are quite a few reasons why your unit may be leaking water. The most important thing to […]

Spring Checklist for your HVAC System

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As North Texas heads into the warmer spring months you’re probably rejoicing the coming of the longer and sunnier days. With these warmer months approaching it is essential that you make sure your HVAC system is ready for whatever get’s thrown your way. Our handy AGES certified technicians have created a checklist to ensure that […]

Top 5 Problems Reported with Residential HVAC Systems

HVAC problems technicians

Every home that utilizes an HVAC system can quickly become uncomfortable if proper care and precautions are not taken. Many issues with HVAC systems can be avoided by simply replacing filters routinely or having a maintenance technician evaluate your system. However, if not checked, these issues can develop into bigger concerns. Here are the top […]

Why is there a burning smell when you turn on your heat?

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As winter finally settles over DFW with some temperatures *gasp* down in the FORTIES, North Texans have begun to turn on their furnaces for the first time this year. And of course as we all flip the switch from “cool” to “heat” we’re always greeted by that familiar smell of burning as the furnace turns […]

How to Safely Heat Your Home

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The holiday season is approaching, which means temperatures will drop (and for many, electric bills with rise). According to the United States Energy Information Administration, the average American household spent nearly $4,000 on heating costs in the winter of 2018. As cozy as drinking hot cocoa by the fireplace can be, it’s (nearly) impossible to […]

Make Sure Your HVAC System Is Ready For Whatever November Brings

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Perhaps you have seen this viral video about what Texas’ seasons should actually be called. Or maybe you’ve lived in DFW for more than 2 years. Either way, it’s no secret that North Texas weather is as unpredictable as it gets. Even in November, as we get ready to bundle up for the holidays, everybody […]